Brooke thanks everyone for attending her meeting at Forrester Creations. Taylor protests that Thomas shouldn't be there. Stephanie recalls her nasty conversation with Thomas about what happened on the island. Pam walks in and hands Brooke a folder and leaves. Brooke tells everyone she's been deceiving herself and needs to change her life. Eric asks Thomas why Taylor is there. He demands Thomas fess up. Ridge tells Eric to back off. Brooke interrupts them and says she did what Taylor said. Eric pushes for answers and Taylor says it was with his grandson. Brooke says she was hallucinogenic and wasn't herself. She has no recollection of what happened but Thomas does. She knows she’s a sexual predator. She's going to keep the house and the children's trust fund. The rest she'll put into a private foundation. She wants her self-respect back. She wants to name it, "The Stephanie Forrester Foundation." She wants to do something useful with Stephanie again. Stephanie is sarcastic and angry and suggests she write a check. She doesn't want to be involved. Thomas sticks up for Brooke wanting to do this generous thing. He says he's ashamed of his mom and grandma and leaves. Before everyone leaves Eric reminds Stephanie that she wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for Brooke. Ridge tells Brooke she did nothing wrong and leaves. Stephanie says that Brooke hurt Ridge. Stephanie says people don't change and they both have to live with the consequences. Brooke asks Stephanie if she’ll accept the position of president of the foundation. She won’t have her name attached to it. She can carry it forward in her name and begs Stephanie to find it in her heart to have a good feeling toward her again. She asks for just this one thing. Stephanie pauses and thinks.

In another room Eric is aghast and quizzes Taylor and Ridge about the alleged tryst. He says it’s hurtful to be the last to know and thinks he and Ridge have more in common that he'd ever hoped.

At Jackie M Owen fits Jackie with a dress for the collection. He says he'd like it to be much smaller. They flirt, then he kisses her. Whip joins them, then Nick asks if they knew Ridge and Brooke broke up. Whip says he'd still been hoping he and Taylor would get back together. He hopes Ridge doesn’t invite him to the wedding. Owen explains that Nick is still in love with Brooke. Whip comments that everyone is changing partners. Nick and Brooke stopped trying to make it work years ago and he has no expectations now.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Stephanie begins to feel guilty.

Amber gets a visit from Marcus.

Bill gives Liam advice.

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