At Forrester Creations on her cell, Brooke asks her lawyer if she can name 'it' anything she wants. She says that’s news she wanted to hear.

Ridge is at Taylor's and tells her that his dad doesn’t know about Brooke and Thomas. He hopes he doesn’t find out. Taylor holds his hand tenderly. She says that Thomas would be crushed if he gives Brooke a free pass on this one. Ridge admits he hasn’t been there for his son. He feels betrayed by Brooke and Thomas. She tells him go talk to him now. He wishes he’d never sent them to Sydney. She hugs him.

Owen and Jackie are making out in Nick’s office when Stephanie walks in. Nick arrives just after her and Owen and Jackie leave. Stephanie tells Nick she’s looking for insurance. She says Ridge has moved out of the house. She hopes he will be Brooke’s friend because she’s going to need it. She says he still loves Brooke and should go after her. Nick smells a rat. She has to leave for a meeting. She tells him not to blow his opportunity.

Stephanie and Thomas discuss Brooke’s alleged tryst with him and he protests that she didn't harm anyone. Stephanie thinks his mom and dad are better off already. All of this would have happened anyway because Brooke has no concept of boundaries. She says he’s in the position to take control of the company and looks good in that chair. She leaves. Brooke walks in and asks Thomas had remembered anything else. He says he can’t tell her it didn’t happen. Brooke wants him at the meeting later. She is going to do the only thing she has left to do. She feels despicable. He grabs her shoulders and looks into her eyes while he’s talking. He makes a strange face but before he can say anything else Eric walks in. Eric asks who else is coming. Taylor and Ridge arrive. Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas shouldn’t be involved in this. She thinks he’ll want to hear what he has to say. Stephanie arrives and says, “Let the crocodile tears flow”.

On the FC patio Dayzee and Marcus are having drinks. He says he enjoyed Paris but it was time to come back. She admits she hasn’t seen Thomas lately. He’s changed and others have noticed too. Dayzee thinks he’s dealing with something heavy. She thought he’d open up eventually but he’s pulled way back. She thinks he has a secret. She says he made a choice but didn’t know if it’s the right one. She asks Marcus not to say anything. She wants to help Thomas and hopes he talks to somebody.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke makes an announcement regarding Forrester.

Brooke decides to establish a charitable foundation in honor of Stephanie.

Whip thinks Nick should rekindle his relationship with Brooke.

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