In Bill’s office he and Steffy see Pam's wacky Catwalk dance on the computer. He realizes she's hanging around hoping he cracks. She says that would be the best day of his life. Katie walks in and kisses him. He tells her Steffy wants to be the host of the Catwalk. Katie says it’s so she can work closely with Bill. Steffy denies it. The ladies spar back and forth. Steffy suggests Bill decide who will be the host. Katie agrees. The phone rings and Bill says he has a meeting. He tells them to keep their claws in. He doesn’t want to see blood on his carpet. Katie says she’s not the first woman to throw herself at her husband and she’s confident he would never go to Steffy. Steffy counters with saying that all of the Logan’s overestimate their husband’s devotion. Katie says that the end of the day he comes home to her. She invites Stef to make a fool of herself and if she continues she’ll end up on the street.

Brooke and Stephanie argue at Brooke’s about her tryst with Thomas. Brooke says that she's been waiting for her marriage to fail for years. Stephanie angrily insists that Brooke should have stopped when Thomas kissed her the previous two times. She adds that she’s sorry Brooke is suffering and suggests she walk away from all of their lives once and for all. Brooke says her marriage is falling apart because of this fiasco. She tells Stephanie that she’s been seeing Dr. James Warwick. She says he thinks Thomas is lying. Stephanie doesn’t buy it. Brooke says she told Hope about this and she’s supportive. Stephanie screams that this should have been a secret. She says she won’t be seeing Brooke until the divorce is over and she leaves. Brooke has a teary, quiet moment and picks up Ridge’s wedding ring. She cries.

In Thomas’ office Hope demands he admit he’s lying. He denies he’s trying to get his parents back together. She's sure he's lying. She sees the guilt in his eyes and he turns away. She says the guilt will torture him. He turns back to her and Stephanie walks in. Thomas fills her in and Stephanie tells Hope not to accuse him of lying. She reminds Hope of the abuse she’s had to accept over the years. Hope defends Brooke. The phone rings and it's Madison who calls Thomas away. As he leaves Hope warns him that his lies will follow him for the rest of his life. The two continue to argue and Stephanie says after the Taboo campaign everyone saw that Thomas was sexually attracted to Hope’s mom. Then Stephanie brings up the sex between Brooke and Oliver. Hope is livid. Stephanie says Brooke needs to stay away from all of them.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Stephanie works to keep Thomas in line.

Dayzee confides in Marcus about her issues with Thomas.

Brooke asks Thomas about his memories.

Stephanie wants Nick to take up with Brooke.

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