At home, Brooke tells Hope that Ridge left because she and Thomas made love on this island. Brooke frets about being a sexual predator. Hope demands the truth. Brooke admits that she doesn't actually remember it, but insists that Thomas wouldn't lie. Hope says it's strange that she recalls every detail except the seduction. She points out that Thomas caused problems for her and Ridge before. Hope urges Brooke to question Thomas, hugs her, and leaves.

Dayzee arrives at Thomas's office as he's thinking about his lie. Thomas tells Dayzee he's struggling with something. She's supportive. Stephanie comes in. Dayzee has missed her at the cafe lately, but thinks she's been helping Thomas. Dayzee senses that something else has happened since the island. Once alone, Stephanie assures Thomas that she is struggling with what they've done to Brooke as well.

Nick and Whip burst into Jackie's office, where Owen is kissing her. Nick tells Whip, "I told you! Pay up!" Whip informs everyone that they have to step up their game. They discuss working with Bill Spencer and everyone looks at Nick, who wryly says Bill punched him in the mouth - he hates him. Whip says he thinks their 'cougar' should prowl again. Nick holds his head.

Steffy bursts into Bill's office and announces that her father left Brooke. She explains that she is hoping her parents will reunite. Bill asks why she's there. She says she wants to be the host of 'The Catwalk'. She asks if they have a deal, adding that it will make it easier for her to be around him. She reminds him that they love each other.

Stephanie comes to Brooke's door and tells her Ridge isn't coming back. She suggests she get some help to fix herself.

Hope arrives at Thomas's office and says she talked to her mom. She says at first she was sickened by the idea of the two of them, adding that Brooke is currently at home, consumed with the idea that she is a sexual predator, but they both know that she's not - she would never ever do what he is claiming on that island. Thomas goes on about the berries. Hope says it doesn't make any sense, and is rather convenient. Hope say Brooke believes in him, but she doesn't. She asks him to admit it didn't happen.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie lets Steffy know that she's aware of what she is trying to do.

Stephanie offers friendship to Brooke on the condition that she divorces Ridge.

Hope's suspicions increase.

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