In her living room, Brooke tells James that Thomas wouldn't lie. He asks how she can rely on his memory. Brooke thinks Thomas would have nothing to gain by hurting Ridge. James thinks Thomas wanted to break up their marriage. Brooke says Steffy would do that, but not Thomas. James argues his point.

Thomas tells Stephanie at Forrester that he doesn't need her shares and wonders why he ever listened to her. Stephanie says in her own way she loves Brooke. Thomas snorts that she has a funny way of showing it. Stephanie reasons that Brooke would have messed up her marriage at some point anyway.

At home, Taylor kisses Ridge and asks how it felt. He replies, "Disloyal." Ridge makes a move toward the door. Taylor admits she's dreamed about what it would be like to be back together with him and offers for him to come and live with her, but only if it's permanent. Stephanie arrives and suggests they head up to Big Bear. Taylor leaves, and Ridge admonishes his mother for being so obvious. Stephanie notices he's not wearing his wedding ring and probes for details. Ridge snaps at her. Stephanie scoffs at the idea that Ridge would consider forgiving Brooke again.

In the Malibu house, Hope tells Liam she's not ready to have sex. He asks for assurance that they're going to be together. Hope says there is no way Amber can break them up now. Liam asks her about being a stepmother to Amber's baby. Hope says nothing is too much to ask as long as they're together.

Hope returns home to find her mother with James Warwick. She heads upstairs. James urges Brooke to stop believing she's a bad person. He leaves, and Hope reappears. Brooke explains that Ridge won't be coming home. She tells Hope about the berry trip on the island, saying that Thomas has started remembering things. Hope pleads with Brooke to tell her she didn't do what she's thinking!

Taylor visits Thomas in his office. He likens her to his own personal stalker. She sighs and raises the subject of therapy. He angrily suggests that Brooke isn't the victim and he was responsible for what happened. Taylor notes his inappropriate anger. Thomas insists he's no victim. They discuss Ridge. Taylor says she hopes he will move back in.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Thomas turns to Dayzee.

After hearing what Brooke has to say about the time on the island, Hope asks Thomas if he is lying.

Whip keeps busy with work.

Bill learns that Steffy hopes to host 'The Catwalk'.

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