At Forrester, Steffy tells her grandmother how bad she feels for her dad. Stephanie stresses that it's been hard on Thomas too. Thomas asks Steffy where she's headed next. Steffy admits she's going to see Brooke. Thomas and Stephanie get to discussing the lie. Stephanie has him sit in his father's office chair and imagine being CEO one day. He likes it. Stephanie says Brooke deserves whatever comes her way. Thomas just hopes they won't regret this. Stephanie is sure Brooke will bounce back, admitting that it is a rough transition.

At home, Ridge tells Brooke that he can't wear his wedding band right now, but nothing is final. She asks him to go - he does. Brooke cries. Steffy shows up at the door and mocks Brooke when she spots Ridge's wedding ring on the table. She rants about Brooke needing one last romp in the hay when she thought she was dying on the island, and tells her she's disgusting! As Steffy yells, Dr. James Warwick appears in the doorway. Steffy laughs and wishes him luck. She assures Brooke that her marriage is over before leaving, saying Ridge is probably already with Taylor. James tries to get Brooke to sit down and relax. He asks her to take him back to the island, starting with the plane crash. Brooke gets to the point where she describes eating the berries. She tells him she remembers the colors and images, and playing in the water. She asserts that it wasn't erotic, and she didn't think Thomas was Ridge. He announces that she clearly didn't make love to her husband's son - he thinks Thomas is lying!

In the Malibu house, Liam rants at Amber and Tawny that he is just done with them. He says he will be there for the baby and be a good father, but he'll do it with the woman he loves at his side! Tawny protests that it was her mistake. Hope wonders what else she has done - how else have they been manipulated during this pregnancy? Tawny asks Liam not to be upset with Amber. Liam announces that he wants some time alone with Hope in his dad's house and orders them to get out! Hope and Liam say they've missed each other and decide they need to be together - they can't let Amber ruin their lives. They kiss. Liam says he wants her.

Ridge visits Taylor, who says she's lined up a sex abuse expert for Thomas to talk with. Ridge tells her he just saw Brooke and gave her his ring. Taylor says she can see the toll this is taking on him. He laments that he's forgiven Brooke for all the scandals before, but nothing can be the same knowing she slept with his son. Taylor clucks that he shouldn't feel guilty for putting his foot down. Ridge muses that he's taking a flight to safety. Taylor says she's right there for him. They kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor dreams of a reunion with Ridge.

Thomas continues to feel guilty.

Hope makes an accusation.

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