Brooke answers her door to Ridge. He wants to talk about how to handle this and move forward. Brooke says she's been meeting with James Warwick to try to understand things. Ridge removes his wedding band as Brooke talks about telling Hope. Brooke notices he's not wearing his ring. He says it was a constant reminder of her and Thomas. Brooke says her love will be with him always, and the ring is a symbol of their eternal love. Ridge says not anymore. Brooke talks about coming to terms with what she's done. She contends that the berries didn't affect her heart. Brooke doesn't know how she could have done something like this, yet she cannot remember or deny it. She cries that she ruined the best love affair in the world. Ridge embraces her.

Stephanie joins Thomas at work and asks how he's doing. She says he's done the right thing. Steffy enters and asks Thomas if he's heard - Dad and Brooke are over. She wonders what could have changed; they were rock solid. She muses that it might have to do with Whip leaving their mother. Stephanie decides to tell Steffy that Brooke and Thomas had sex on the island, despite Thomas's protests. Steffy freaks out. She rages at her brother for sleeping with their father's wife. Stephanie steps in to say it's all Brooke's fault. She reminds Steffy that Ridge and Taylor can reunite now. Steffy spits at Thomas that she would never forgive him if she were Ridge. Thomas murmurs that he can't forgive himself. Stephanie barks at them to pull together so the family can heal.

Liam sits down with Hope outside at Forrester. She admits she's surprised to see him. He says he wanted to see her face-to-face - he can't stop thinking about her. They get to arguing about their texts. Hope denies sending the messages he's referring to that upset him. They get out their phones and compare. Hope asks how he could think those texts were from her. They realize someone changed her number in their phone. Liam thinks he knows who did it. They kiss.

Tawny congratulates herself on the texting scam as she paces around the Malibu house. Amber appears, doing housework. Tawny suggests she call Grandpa Bill to line up a housekeeper. They bicker about whether Amber is doing enough to land Liam. Soon, Liam arrives calling Amber a liar, with Hope right behind him. Tawny gasps in the other room. Amber reminds Liam that they were together in bed when he was getting the texts. Tawny comes forward and says Amber had nothing to do with it.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke is unsure what Ridge will do.

Steffy tells Brooke she's a disgusting person.

Stephanie and Thomas discuss their plot.

Liam lashes out at Amber and Tawny.

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