At home, Thomas goes over Stephanie's reasoning in his head. She phones and he tells her he couldn't sleep. Stephanie insists he's doing the right thing and urges him to focus on running the company and his parents reuniting. Thomas still isn't okay with lying and hurting Brooke. Taylor comes in and he hangs up. Taylor tells Thomas she's worried about him. She goes on about him being drugged and taken advantage of by Brooke. Thomas tells her to stop - if she wants to blame someone, she should blame him. They discuss Taylor's situation. She says Whip is gone and she would take Ridge back in a minute. She talks about how long she's pined for him, and now she's allowing herself to feel those feelings again. Thomas hugs her and says he thinks his dad will come back to her.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric asks Stephanie why Ridge stayed overnight. Ridge wanders in, and Eric asks him the same thing. Steffy arrives and also wants to know why Ridge isn't with Brooke. Stephanie tells Steffy he's staying there until he hopefully moves back in with her mother. Ridge remains silent as Stephanie announces that Taylor and Whip are divorcing. Steffy asks Ridge what is going on with him and Brooke. She says she won't pressure him, but she knows her mother loves him. Stephanie chimes in that it would be the right thing for him to move back in with Taylor. Ridge rises and says he's going to speak with Thomas. After he leaves, Stephanie and Steffy discuss getting Taylor and Ridge back together no matter what it takes. Steffy worries her mother will be disappointed. Stephanie confides she just has a feeling they'll reunite.

Ridge turns up at Taylor's house and asks Thomas if he's had anymore memory flashes. Thomas says no and apologizes. Ridge tells him he wants to make sure he's alright, saying they'll all get through this. Thomas exits, leaving Taylor alone with Ridge. She tells Ridge he's amazing. Taylor says Thomas is really struggling - it's like there's something dark and heavy deep inside of him. Ridge says she's an incredible mother. They sit down and recall memories from when they used to live there together, and of their wedding. Ridge muses that he didn't always value her good qualities - he needs someone with a strong, moral character in his life right now. Taylor says she loves him; she never stopped. She removes his wedding ring from his finger and kisses him.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Stephanie and Thomas contend with Steffy's questions.

Brooke and Ridge have a talk.

Liam and Hope get together and discuss the texting issue.

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