The entire family is gathered at the Forrester Mansion. Stephanie says she has decided to share something with them. She announces that today is a celebration of her life! Stephanie tells them that she woke up that morning and remembered a request she denied to each of her children and grandchildren. She recalls how they used to want to slide down into the living room. Brooke gapes as two men enter carrying a huge yellow slide! As the slide is set up, Liam takes the opportunity to apologize personally to Brooke for his role in the video tampering. She accepts it. One-by-one, Stephanie's family members come down the slide amid much laughter and clapping. Brooke watches Stephanie thoughtfully. The family calls for Stephanie to come down the slide - she does - and then asks for a martini! Pam calls for everyone to come and eat, and Eric compliments Stephanie. Brooke gets Stephanie alone and asks why she still hasn't told them the truth. Stephanie says, "Not tonight, not until I know what I'm dealing with." Brooke counters, "You have stage four lung cancer and you're not dealing with it." Stephanie laments that Brooke is in every aspect of her life - she can't even have cancer without her! She tells Brooke to just stay out of it!

Nick and Aggie discuss Jackie in his office. They share a laugh about Owen dressed up as a Greek statue at the fashion show. They agree it feels good to laugh. She asks Nick if he's coming back to the land of the living. He's thinking about it. Nick tells Aggie he's worried about the impact of the scandal on Bridget and the baby. Aggie thinks it's great that he cares. Nick wonders why they're even talking about that. Aggie says he can talk to her about anything. They get close. Aggie says she feels the trust between them. He locks the door and pulls her in for a kiss. After making love, she lets him know he doesn't have to make her any promises - they both know what they mean to each other. Aggie says for the first time, she knows who she wants to be, and who she wants to be with.

Tomorrow's Spoilers for The Bold and The Beautiful:

Bridget pleads with Rick to back away from Jackie.

Owen and Bridget learn what the public thinks of their situation.

Rick's unexpected proposition gets Jackie's attention.

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