At home, Brooke and Ridge passionately kiss as they get ready to go to Stephanie's party. Brooke tells him that she’s going to put all her issues with Stephanie aside just for today.

At the Forrester Mansion, Stephanie answers the phone. It’s Hope who asks if she can bring Liam to the party. Stephanie agrees and Hope thanks her.

Liam enters Ridge's office and sneaks up on Hope kissing her sweetly. He tells her that he owes her an apology. He complains about Bill. She has confidence in him and invites him to the party. He doesn't think Stephanie would want him there but Hope pleads. She assures him that he's not accountable for what Bill does. They kiss again.

At Jackie M's Oliver tells Aggie and Nick that he and Hope broke up and that Liam has moved in on her. He continues that he and Hope still love each other. Aggie tells him not to wait too long to go after her and Oliver tells them that she is with Liam, Bill Spencer's son. Aggie says if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. Oliver leaves and Nick asks her to look at herself in the mirror. He says that if her transformation is possible, anything is possible. She acknowledges that things are changing between them.

From home Brooke calls Stephanie and asks her if the party is a good idea and asks her if she’s told her husband yet. She says no and tells Brooke to zip her lips.

At the party, as Stephanie greets Liam and Hope she tells them to relax and have some food. Marcus, Thorne and Thomas watch from a corner of the room. Brooke and Ridge arrive and wish Stephanie a Happy Birthday. Ridge leaves them alone and she warns Brooke that she'd better be smiling. They argue about her not telling people about her condition. Brooke joins Ridge again. Taylor and Pam approach Stephanie and ask her why Liam is there. They are shocked to learn that Stephanie gave the okay. Stephanie gathers everyone and begins to make a speech. She says that her birthday wish this year is that they all find joy and happiness in things exactly as they are, not as they wish them to be. Then she says that she has something very important to tell them.

Tomorrow's Spoilers for The Bold and The Beautiful:

Stephanie lines up a surprising activity for her birthday party and insists that everyone try it!

Liam seeks Brooke out to say he's sorry.

Nick and Aggie hit the sheets again after sharing their feelings.

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