In the office at Forrester, Ridge questions Brooke behaving distant. They hug, and Brooke thinks about Stephanie forbidding her to tell Ridge she has cancer.

At home, Eric tells Stephanie she can tell him anything. She seems to consider telling him about the cancer, but then blurts that it's her birthday tomorrow and she wants to have a party for the family at their house. Stephanie recalls falling in love with the house, and with Eric. They embrace as Brooke lets herself in. Eric heads back to the office. Brooke realizes that Stephanie didn't tell Eric her diagnosis. Stephanie says she's doing this her way and Brooke promised to respect that. They argue, and Stephanie refuses to talk about it, saying they don't like talking to each other - that's the beauty of their relationship and Brooke needn't screw it up now! Stephanie starts lining up party rentals over the phone. Brooke gasps. When she realizes it's for her birthday, Brooke wants to help. She also asks about her follow-up appointment with the doctor. Stephanie feels there's no point - her stage four cancer has spread to the brain! Brooke croons that she wants to be her sounding board about how she's feeling. Stephanie rolls her eyes, and says, "God, you love a crisis!" Brooke explains that her husband and children care about her, so she's going to be there. Stephanie smiles, then asks her to get out. Brooke wants her to fight, and offers up a pep talk. Stephanie admits she's accomplished a lot, but she's never been able to get rid of her! They get to bickering some more, and Stephanie just wants to laugh and have fun with her family. Brooke shouts that she's shutting them out. Stephanie says she's protecting them. Brooke counters that they would want to know, but as usual, she has to be in control! Brooke hisses, "I should have known you'd be selfish to the bitter end! Tell your family!"

Thorne, Marcus, Ridge, Steffy, and Thomas are eating takeout while having a meeting about the men's line at Forrester. Steffy feels they need a man who understands beautiful clothes and beautiful women - like her father. Ridge protests the idea of modeling, but they all jump on the bandwagon. Ridge is shirtless and preening by the time Eric walks in. He chuckles, and then announces that Stephanie wants a birthday party. They're stunned - it doesn't sound like her. Eric sets to making plans, saying this will be an occasion that none of them will ever forget.

Tomorrow's Spoilers for The Bold and The Beautiful:

Hope wants to bring Liam to Stephanie's birthday party.

Liam apologizes to the Forresters.

Aggie and Nick get involved when Oliver needs help coming up with a way to win Hope back.

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