In Stephanie's hospital room, she and Brooke react with disbelief to the news that she has cancer. The doctor wants her to undergo an MRI. Stephanie muses that she does have shortness of breath sometimes. The doctor suspects it's lung cancer. Brooke remarks that she doesn't smoke. The doctor says 1 in 4 new cases are in people who never smoked. When the specialist joins them, he tells Stephanie she has a primary tumor in the lung and it has metastasized in the brain as well. He tells her it's stage four and talks about treatments. Stephanie asks the specialist to level with her. He quietly says, "Six to eight months." Brooke, visibly upset, frets that it can't be as bad as it sounds. Stephanie tells her not to say anything to anyone - this is her business.

At Forrester, Eric and Ridge discuss Stephanie's upcoming birthday. Eric wonders whether he should just take her out for dinner and leave the big celebration for next year. Ridge comments on how Eric and Stephanie have never come over for dinner since he's been with Brooke. Eric rolls his eyes, and says, "I wonder why?" Ridge doesn't see why Brooke and Stephanie not getting along has to be a permanent condition. He adds that Thomas thinks it can be solved. They chuckle.

Brooke arrives at Forrester and watches Ridge in his office. He says she doesn't have to be in stealth mode - Stephanie went home. Brooke admits she saw her when she stopped by. Ridge feels encouraged, saying they should work on their relationship. Brooke expresses some truths about their her and Stephanie. She doesn't need her to like her, although she's always wanted her to. Ridge approves of her words. Brooke asks if he ever wishes he could turn back the clock. Ridge thinks something is worrying her. Brooke muses that she would do things differently; be calmer, kinder.

At home, Stephanie primps in the mirror before facing Eric. He compliments her and pours martinis. They remark on how lovely the room, and the house, is and then they share a toast. Stephanie coughs, and doesn't eat, or drink her martini. Eric remarks on their patterns, and how he feels he's been a disappointment to her from time to time. Stephanie remarks that she's said some mean things, but that's because he has the power to hurt her. They talk about loving each other, and Stephanie blurts, "There's something you need to know."

Tomorrow's Spoilers for The Bold and The Beautiful:

Eric confronts Stephanie about her odd behavior.

Steffy suggests that Ridge become the new face of the men's line.

Eric begins planning a birthday celebration for Stephanie, but she wants to plan it herself.

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