Brooke stands in her living room by Stephanie, who is on the floor. Brooke assumes she is faking and tells her she doesn't need paramedics, just a good acting coach! Stephanie calls the paramedics on her own cell phone. When they arrive, Stephanie says Brooke pushed her, as Brooke protests that she faked it a couple of months ago too.

Thomas and Ridge, at Forrester, react to the news of Bridget's baby paternity being splashed across the news. Thomas wants to help. Ridge never thought this would happen to Bridget. They get to discussing the Logan/Forrester feud and how they want it to be different. Thomas blames Stephanie for always being on the attack, noting that the negativity isn't healthy for her. He wonders if Stephanie's anger from childhood has been misdirected at Brooke. Ridge wonders what would happen if they had to depend on each other. Thomas agrees it would take something major to end the rivalry.

Amber is with Bridget and the baby at 'M'. Amber muses that poor Jackie is caught between a rock and a hard place. Amber offers her a ride home if Rick isn't taking her. Bridget muses that she hopes Rick has gone home already! Amber asks about Rick, telling Bridget he's not returning her texts so he must be distracted. Bridget says Rick's love life is his own. Amber wonders if he's still into mature women.

Jackie breaks up the potential fisticuffs between Rick and Owen on the catwalk. Rick makes his case for being with Jackie, and Owen goes after him! They continue to argue about whether Owen should be with Bridget and Logan. Rick contends that he will look after Jackie. She sends them both away to clean up. When they return they pick up the argument where they left off. Bridget appears and asks Rick what he's doing. He says they're getting things out in the open. Bridget is appalled that he dressed as a statue to harass Jackie. Owen informs Rick he's out of luck. Amber appears with Logan and gives him to Owen.

At the hospital, the doctor joins Stephanie and Brooke in the room and asks a lot of questions surrounding light-headedness and shortness of breath. She orders a CT scan and some other tests. After the tests have been run, Brooke gives Stephanie a glass of water as she describes how they put a tube down her throat. Brooke says she's fine, and wonders why she's putting herself through all this, but then she notices Stephanie's cough. Brooke watches her sleep, then tells her she's the most remarkable woman she's ever met. Stephanie snaps that she must be more heavily medicated than she is! The doctor comes in and says Stephanie will need to stay longer - she has cancer!

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Stephanie and Eric reminisce.

Nick and Aggie grow closer.

Rick makes a suggestion.

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