At the fashion show, Jackie tells Owen they won't allow Bill to turn their lives into a scandal. Rick, disguised as a Greek statue, watches. Owen puts a cloth over Jackie's eyes and relaxes her with caresses and kisses. When he gets called away, Rick takes his place and silently begins kissing his way up her arm to her lips. Owen returns and Rick quickly gets up and stands still nearby. A phone rings and Owen leaves again. Rick takes his place immediately. As he's about to kiss her, she takes off the cloth and looks at him. She gasps! Owen returns and asks what he's doing with his wife! Jackie rapidly explains that Rick is on a mission because he believes Owen should be with Bridget, and they should be together. Owen learns that it's not the first time Rick has expressed interest in her. Owen angrily tells Rick to leave, but he refuses, saying Owen should go be with Bridget and the baby. Jackie shouts that she will not have two statues fighting over her!

At Forrester, Ridge gives Thomas kudos on a project of Brooke's he completed. They discuss Stephanie not being able to see what an asset Brooke is to the company. Ridge assures him that Brooke will be back, but Thomas reminds him Steffy and his grandmother will fight him. Ridge smirks that he's been dealing with his grandma's dislike of Brooke his whole adult life. Thomas notes that Stephanie has done a lot of manipulating herself - like faking a heart attack to keep Ridge and Brooke apart.

Stephanie rings Brooke's doorbell and asks to come in. She sits down and says she came to suggest that her leave of absence from the company should become permanent. Brooke takes offense to the suggestion she should become a stay-at-home mom and reminds Stephanie that this 'opportunity' was foisted on her! Stephanie snarks about Thomas supporting Brooke, and they acknowledge that some want them to make peace. Brooke asks if she thinks it's possible. Stephanie says no, adding that they should stay out of one another's way. Brooke asks why she's so bent on causing trouble with her! Stephanie insists she doesn't like the conflicts, and adds that she has acknowledged her business contributions, but Brooke always makes more mistakes. Brooke wants to make amends. They bicker heatedly. Brooke tells her to leave and rushes past her. Stephanie falls, and Brooke rushes to help, but then stops. Thinking she's faking again, Brooke leaves her there.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Jackie assures Owen of her love.

Bridget gives Amber her opinion about Rick.

Rick puts Bridget in an awkward position.

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