At home, Brooke tells Hope she will probably never see eye-to-eye with Stephanie. Brooke asks her daughter about Liam, and worries that he will be influenced by his father, Bill Spencer. Hope thinks Liam might influence his dad, and adds that they went to the fashion show to break a story.

Jarrett asks Jackie if Owen is the father of Bridget's baby as photographers snap away at the fashion show. Bill steps forward and muses that it sounds like a breaking story. He tells Jackie she has created this scandal and questions their 'family' brand. Jackie defends her marriage, but Bill presses for a statement. Jackie decides to address the issue honestly - she admits they share a child, and the biological parents are Owen and Bridget. The press breaks into a furor! Jackie, Bridget, Owen, and Amber go backstage, where Jackie tries to be optimistic, not wanting Spencer to get the upper-hand. Whip and Aggie appear. Whip is worried, saying this is a marketing nightmare. As they bicker, Rick watches. Jackie and Owen go to the stage and discuss the situation. Rick peeks from behind the curtain as they kiss. Owen hates himself for cheating on her, and says he doesn't want to lose her. Nearby, Rick is now dressed as a statue and thinks, "You're gonna' lose her to me."

At Forrester, Stephanie remarks on how Hope is unlike Brooke. Taylor and Steffy weigh in, as does Ridge. Thomas says Brooke is Brooke, it doesn't make her evil! He points out that they've all made mistakes - he doesn't see why they all can't get along! Thomas adds that Hope and Brooke have done great things for the company. Steffy calls him naive, but he says they belong there. Stephanie refuses to be understanding and forgiving of Brooke. Ridge regards his son with interest. Steffy speaks up, and Thomas calls them 'the one-two punch'. He then argues on behalf of Stephen, which upsets Stephanie. Ridge takes Thomas's side, and Steffy hollers about family loyalty. Thomas says they should be loyal to Ridge's wife and father-in-law, and leaves as Brooke and Hope arrive. Ridge applauds Thomas's words and says he's going to be a true leader. Steffy and Stephanie sniff at the idea. Ridge tells Steffy and Stephanie they need to move on, adding that Brooke will be coming back to the company one day and there's nothing they can do about it!

Bill and Liam return to the office. Liam disapproves, saying Bridget is related to Katie - she's family! Bill says he can't compromise professionally. Liam feels he caused a scandal, but Bill says he uncovered it. He tells his son to get used to being hard-nosed. Bill talks about scandals, headlines, and money. He tells Liam this is the Spencer way; the American way!

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick plots to get Jackie alone.

Ridge and Thomas bond over their support of Brooke.

Owen goes gunning for Rick after seeing him in a compromising position with Jackie.

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