Outside Bill's office, Liam tells Hope how excited he is to be an Executive-in-Training. She says nothing can go wrong today and they kiss tenderly.

Brooke answers the door at home to find Stephanie standing there. She says that she’s the last person she needed to see today and asks her what she wants. Stephanie walks in. They argue as Hope walks in. Hope thanks Stephanie for all her support and tells the ladies that they should set aside their differences as they would be a powerhouse team. When Hope leaves, Stephanie tells Brooke never to hurt Hope again. Brooke tells Stephanie not to poison Hope against here ever again. Brooke gives her a firm goodbye.

At Spencer Publications, Bill sees Katie’s cell phone on the desk. Just then Katie enters his office and they hug and flirt. Liam comes in and Katie wishes them a good day. Bill shows him a promotional video welcoming him to the company and gives him a sword necklace like his own. He tells him to wear it with pride or not to wear it at all. Jarrett walks in. Bill tells him that Liam’s going to experience his first breaking story. They leave.

At Jackie ‘M’, Jackie and Owen listen to Whip telling them that that the baby scandal shouldn’t go public. Whip sees Rick and asks him what he’s doing there. Jackie and Rick have a private moment and he asks her for a good luck kiss. She says no and gathers everyone and asks them for a successful show. She takes the stage and welcomes everyone. Bill and Liam join the crowd of reporters. Bill tells Liam that scandal sells magazines. The fashion show ends with a showcase featuring Jackie and her Greek Gods. She kisses Owen. Bridget and Amber are introduced onstage and Bridget tells everyone how proud she is. She calls for questions from the reporters. Jarrett asks if the show is as false as Jackie and Owen’s marriage. Jackie objects to the question and protests that she and Owen are happily married. Jarrett announces to everyone that Bridget’s baby is not Rick’s but Owen’s. Chaos ensures while Bill smirks.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Jackie is forced to reveal the truth at the fashion show.

Bridget confronts Rick about trying to come between Owen and Jackie.

Thomas creates a huge rift when he sides with Brooke in a meeting.

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