At home, Hope is beaming as she thinks about Liam. Brooke and Ridge appear and comment that she looks happy. Brooke admits they saw her with Liam. She tells Ridge that Liam was not responsible for the video sabotage, and informs them this feels like the real deal. Hope tells Brooke she's not to blame for her not feeling the same way about Oliver. Brooke says she was glad to see the sparkle in her eyes with Liam, but Ridge warns to take it slow. Hope asks them to give Liam a chance. Brooke notes how happy he makes her. Ridge leaves, and Hope tells Brooke there's only one problem - Steffy! She says Steffy pushed herself into the middle of Liam and Bill's big moment, and she's worried she'll go after Liam now.

Oliver is at work thinking about Hope when Liam walks in. He asks to talk, but Oliver yells that he stole his girl! Liam tells Oliver if he really loves Hope, he'll back away. Oliver lashes out again. Liam insists that Hope didn't want to hurt him, but she knows who she wants. Oliver says he won't walk away, adding that Liam should have kept his distance! Ridge comes in and breaks it up. Oliver gives them a moment. Liam tells Ridge he truly cares for Hope. Ridge leans in and says, "My advice? Don't disappoint her." Liam tells Ridge about Hope standing up to Bill. He mentions that Steffy was there when Bill had his epiphany. Ridge looks wary.

Steffy is at home with Taylor, who asks her about the new young man she's interested in. Steffy says it's Liam, Bill Spencer's son, and he's hot. She adds that she's not the only one who thinks so - Hope likes him too! Taylor asks if Hope and Liam are dating. Steffy says Hope has to be prepared for competition - 'William' Spencer is the newest, hottest guy in town! Taylor muses that Steffy was interested in Oliver. Steffy concedes that it looks like she's playing games with Hope. Taylor asks her to be honest about what's going on. Steffy describes the scene she witnessed between Liam and Bill, saying it was like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon - he's not a nerdy computer techie anymore! Brooke walks in and tells Taylor to get her daughter to stop playing these childish games! Taylor pretends not to know what she means, but Brooke's not buying it. She wonders if Taylor thinks it odd that Steffy is only interested in Hope's boyfriends. Taylor defends Steffy. Brooke appeals to them not to upset Hope after what she's been through. She leaves and Taylor hugs Steffy. Steffy says to herself that Hope won't get Liam without some stiff competition!

Hope and Liam canoodle at Insomnia. He tells her Bill wants him to work with him, as his son. Hope is happy for him. Liam tells her she's beautiful. They kiss.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam bonds with Bill.

Bill intercepts a text message from Brooke to Katie.

Whip faces challenges.

Bill embarrasses Jackie during a public fashion show.

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