At Forrester, Hope tells Oliver things are different between them now. He says if she wants to get to know Liam better, wearing the necklace doesn't make sense anymore. He removes his 'hope' chain and hands it to her. Oliver asks if Liam has kissed her yet. She just says that he's a great guy, and she really likes him. Oliver says he'll never stop loving her or give up. Hope leaves.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke he can't wait to get her back there, adding that he has Thomas's support. They flirt and kiss passionately. Oliver appears and tells them that Hope broke up with him. He says she's also seeing Liam.

At Brooke's house, Liam tells Bill he doesn't really know what to say in response to him asking for a second chance. Liam asks if Bill loved his mother. Bill says she was very special to him, especially that night at Clark Lake. Liam guffaws, and pulls out a map of Clark Lake with a heart drawn on it that his mother had - now he knows why it was important to her. Bill holds out his hand and calls Liam 'son'. Liam shakes his hand and Katie sheds a tear. Steffy takes Liam aside and tells him his life will never be the same. Bill asks her to excuse them. He extends another offer for Liam to work at Spencer - this time as his son. Liam jokes, "Only if it comes with a six-figure salary and a corner office." Bill chuckles. Steffy walks over to Katie who is greeting Hope. Katie says it went very well except that Steffy was there the whole time. Hope tells Steffy she should leave. Steffy goes, and Hope and Katie rejoice that Bill has accepted Liam!

Back at Spencer, Katie tells Bill how proud she is that he opened up to Liam. Bill grins in spite of himself. He tells her she brought his son and him together today and thanks her. Bill says if he'd known Liam's mom was pregnant, he would have wanted to be part of his life. Katie muses that Liam and Hope may get together.

Hope joins Liam outside her house. He marvels at what happened with Bill. She says he's not alone anymore. Liam says he hasn't felt alone since he met her. Hope recalls how they first met. They chat about Katie and Hope setting everything up. Brooke and Ridge come home and listen. Hope tells Liam she broke up with Oliver, and that he has opened up her heart again. Liam blurts that he loves her, and then repeats it. She says it back and they kiss. Smiling, Brooke tells Ridge he was right - she hasn't ruined everything. Ridge says whoever has her in their life is pretty lucky. They kiss too.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor is concerned about Steffy wanting to compete with Hope again.

Brooke, Ridge, and Hope share a happy reunion.

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