Katie calls Hope from Bill's office. They strategize about how to get Liam and Bill together. Hope says Liam has no interest, and says she doesn't want to see him get hurt. Katie says Bill is beginning to regret the way he handled things. She suggests they meet up at Brooke's house. Katie asks Hope about Liam and Oliver, but hangs up when Bill comes in.

Hope, at Forrester, calls Liam and asks him to come over to her parents house, saying she has something special planned. Liam is worried about her parents not liking him, but agrees. As she hangs up, Oliver comes in and hugs her. He's missed her! Hope tells him she's been spending a lot of time with a guy friend - Liam Cooper. Oliver isn't impressed. She gives him the short version of Liam's situation, saying she's been there for him. Oliver says that's one of the reasons he loves her, but he's upset that she hasn't been answering his calls. They disagree about whether Liam is trustworthy. Oliver then asks if they are okay; he wants her to love him again. She says she never stopped loving him. They discuss the 'hope' necklace, and she says she may never be able to wear it again. He asks if she's still his girlfriend.

Katie and Bill arrive at Brooke and Ridge's house, where they find Steffy picking up designs for work. Liam comes in and blurts that he is supposed to meet Hope there. Bill clears his throat and asks his son to stick around! Steffy remarks on Bill calling Liam 'son', and offers Liam her condolences. Katie tells her to leave, but she refuses. Liam assures Katie that he and Bill won't be hugging it out. Steffy comments on Hope being involved, but Bill interrupts to ask Liam to give it another shot. He even says sorry! Liam tersely asks what it is he's sorry for. Bill says he didn't treat him fairly. Liam thinks Bill is disgusted by him, but Bill turns it around, saying Liam never looked for him or cared about him before now. Bill tells Liam he was a kid when he was with his mother, but he cared about her and has special memories of her - especially the night they created him. Bill recalls that they spent a weekend at the lake and were very connected. They made love on a blanket in a meadow under the stars. Liam wishes his mom had told him that. Bill says she was special. Bill admits he attacks, and doesn't do feelings. He adds he was wrong to push him away. Liam thinks his dad really messed him up. Bill says if he abandons his own kid, it's on him. He apologizes for the cruel words and name-calling. Bill offers to try being a good father. Liam seems emotional.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy and Hope are once again in competition.

Katie and Bill have a heartfelt moment.

A damaged relationship comes to an end.

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