At Spencer Publications, Katie and Bill discuss his father. Bill comments that he would rather be dead than wake up, look in the mirror, and see his father staring back at him! Katie points out the similarities in his situation with Liam to the issues he has with his own father. Katie says Bill was cheated, but so was Liam. She says they have a chance now, and she can tell he's hurting. Katie asks if he'll be the bigger man and turn the other cheek.

Hope joins Liam at Insomnia. They talk about friends and family. She says she knows Bill Spencer has some good in him or her aunt wouldn't have married him. Liam asks about Oliver, but Hope doesn't want to discuss him. Hope gets a call from Katie, who is looking for Liam. She passes Liam the phone and Bill gets on. He asks for another opportunity to work things out, saying they were both cheated. Liam goes ballistic, saying he was cheated by cancer, but Bill was cheated by nature!

On the rooftop, Rick tells Jackie he was serious about there being unbridled potential if they wind up together. She tells him he's a good salesman. Rick talks about having a taste for the finer things in life, that's why he likes her. Rick tells her that three is too many in a marriage and Owen isn't a good match for her. Jackie says that's her decision. She reminds him she was with his father. Rick responds by asking her to join him in Paris for a week.

Bridget and Owen have the baby at the doctor's office. Owen asks the doctor to check Logan's eye. He finds a blocked tear duct and prescribes drops. Bridget beams, and turns to Owen, saying, "Good catch, Dad!" Bridget calls Rick, who tells her he's with Jackie and asks her to stall before coming home. Bridget is upset, and says she'll see him when they get home.

Still on the roof, Jackie thanks Rick for the refreshments, and compliments him. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him and says goodnight.

Alone in his office, Bill scrunches up the photo of his father. He thinks, then composes and re-composes a couple of terse emails to Liam without hitting 'send'. He sighs, sits back, and mutters, "Dear Son, Who I would have been a better man for, if I'd known you existed."

Liam sits by himself and looks at a photo of Bill. He draws on devil horns and blacks out a tooth! Liam toys with composing an email to Bill asking him not to contact him, but doesn't send it.

Katie catches up with Hope at Insomnia and they compare notes on Bill and Liam. Katie stresses how important this is, and tells Hope it's up to them - they have to make this happen.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie and Hope work together to set up Liam and Bill.

Bill and Liam discover they've been tricked.

Liam gets new details about his conception.

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