At Bridget's apartment, she watches in shock as Rick kisses Jackie! Jackie tells Rick he has to stop kissing her, but Rick boasts that she should keep her options open. Jackie reminds him she is married but admits he is a very charming man! Owen watches from the top of the stairs and walks down with the baby. Bridget emerges from hiding to take Logan. Jackie notes that Bridget and Owen look adorable with their baby. Owen assures Jackie she is a part of it, too, and pulls her in for a kiss.

Bridget asks Rick to step out with her to give Owen and Jackie alone time. They take the baby upstairs and Bridget tells Rick she saw him kissing Jackie. She demands to know what he is up to! Rick claims he got caught up in the moment, but Bridget thinks he is trying to be a good brother. She reminds him Jackie is married and will not cave into his advances. Rick doesn't think it's wrong of Bridget to fall in love with the father of her child and he will pick up the pieces with Jackie. Bridget takes a call from Logan's doctor, who has to see him immediately. Before leaving, Bridget asks Rick to drop it with Jackie.

Alone downstairs, Jackie worries that Bridget is developing feelings for Owen. She points out that Bridget's eyes light up whenever Owen is around. Owen pulls Jackie in for a hug. Jackie professes their marriage will be even stronger because he's allowing her to be a part of his child's life. Owen doesn't want to hide things and admits that Bridget has told him she has feelings for him. He tells Jackie there is no one like her and sweetly kisses her. Bridget interrupts and informs them about Logan's changed doctor's appointment. Owen leaves with Bridget.

On their terrace, Ridge tells Brooke that Bridget naming her baby Logan was a wonderful tribute to her family. Brooke can't hide her concern, but Ridge mistakenly thinks she's worried about being a Grandma. Brooke admits Bridget's feelings for Owen are getting out of control. Ridge reminds her how amazing it was when they delivered Bridget together. Brooke notes that is precisely why she is worried, because it was one of the most amazing moments of her life. Brooke is worried a cat-fight will erupt between Jackie and Bridget over Owen! Ridge laughs that "Grandma" will be there for Bridget and Logan. Brooke changes the subject to Amber, who was sniffing around for information on dating Rick. Brooke is happy that Rick might be interested in someone else.

Jackie goes to her rooftop, where she has a special delivery. She is shocked to see a candlelit dinner prepared for her by Rick! Jackie tells him he can't be doing things like this and she'll have to tell her husband. Rick pours champagne and makes a toast to new friendships and their endless possibilities. Rick thinks that the baby will draw Owen and Bridget together. Jackie asserts she loves her husband, but won't let good caviar to go to waste. Rick takes Jackie's hand and boasts he would love the opportunity to give her everything she deserves!

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Jackie receives an unexpected, and tempting, offer from Rick.

Katie presses Bill to meet with Liam.

Hope helps Liam deal with his feelings.

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