Owen is upstairs in the house with Bridget. He tells her the baby must be their first priority now - everything else is secondary! Bridget says being parents makes the intensity of their connection more overwhelming. Owen feels they have to keep their heads straight, adding that he loves Jackie and doesn't want to hurt her. He won't deny the bond between them, though, saying everything has changed. They agree not to give into their feelings for each other because of Jackie.

Rick is with Jackie in her living room. He tells her that Owen and Bridget are already closer. He suggests she be prepared for things not to go as she had planned. He offers his shoulder - and other parts - if things go wrong. Rick says she's no longer the center of Owen's universe - he's trading champagne for baby bottles! Jackie assures him Owen won't be trading anything and tells him to stop the seduction routine. He claims he's genuinely intrigued by her, but Jackie feels he's doing this for Bridget. Rick protests. Jackie tells him there is zero chance that Owen will leave her. Bridget and Owen come down the stairs. Jackie tells Bridget that her brother doesn't seem to think the situation is going to work. Jackie thanks Bridget for bringing the baby down, and says she looks tired. Owen takes the baby up to change his diaper. Bridget goes too. Rick tells Jackie, "I told you so!"

Back upstairs, Bridget and Owen giggle over changing the baby. Bridget remarks that she just realized the baby waited until they were alone together to come into the world! Owen gets a pass on his diapering skills, and he assures Bridget if she and the baby needs anything he's there. Bridget gets emotional. She tells him she has no regrets about the pain and confusion because it all led to this!

Downstairs, Jackie continues to bicker with Rick about the closeness between Owen and Bridget. Rick says Jackie deserves more in the way of life experiences - and he would like to give them to her. He says if it all works out, they can forget this conversation ever happened. Rick reiterates that she's no longer Owen's priority. He kisses her and Bridget walks in!

Amber pays Brooke a visit and compliments her. That doesn't go over well, so Amber gets to the point, and asks Brooke, "Rick. Is he available?" Brooke wonders if Amber thought she could catch her at a disadvantage because of the recent scandal. Amber says she's seen Rick and thought they were rekindling the flame, but he hasn't returned her calls. Amber asks Brooke to let her know if she's barking up the wrong tree. Brooke doesn't know if Rick's seeing anyone. Amber thinks she'll ask Bridget, but Brooke says she's too busy trying to figure out her own life.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Ridge talk about the night Bridget was born in the cabin.

Jackie lets Owen know that she realizes Bridget has feelings for him.

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