Owen kisses Jackie in the living room, and says he has to take something up to Bridget. Jackie tells him that Stephanie thinks she should be jealous. Owen wonders if she's trying to stir up trouble, but Jackie reassures him that she's not insecure.

At Jackie and Owen's house, Bridget tells Brooke and Rick that she may be falling in love with Owen. She goes on to say that she believes Owen feels the same way - there may not be room for Jackie anymore - they're a family. She assures them she would never disrespect Owen's marriage, but if she and Owen were together they could give Logan siblings! Brooke looks worried. Bridget says she believes she and Owen are meant to be together. Owen comes to the door and overhears. He knocks and comes in. Brooke and Rick leave. Owen tells Bridget he heard what she said. He says that having Logan has made him reevaluate his relationship with her, and his marriage to Jackie. He thinks Bridget knows what they have to do.

Rick returns to Jackie's house to warn her that Owen and Bridget need to be allowed to be parents and raise their child. Jackie laughs, then asks if she is to be alone. Rick kisses her, and says he's giving her his personal promise that won't happen. He tells her Owen and Bridget need to be together, and if that happens, he'd like to get to know her better!

At Katie and Bill's house, Hope lays into Bill about his treatment of Liam. He informs her that it's none of her business! Hope launches into a list of Liam's great qualities, and tells Bill he doesn't deserve to be his dad. She slams out of the house and Liam asks if she meant all that. Hope says, "Every word." Bill tells Katie that she shouldn't have gone behind his back and invited them over. He says if he ever wants anything with Liam it will be on his terms. He gruffly suggests she call Hope and pretend he apologized. Katie grins. Katie urges Bill not to be afraid to open himself up, but he swiftly denies any fear. Katie insists he's a better man than his father, so he shouldn't treat his son the way he was treated! Bill barks that his father chose to ignore him. Katie counters that he now has a choice! She knows he'll make the right one.

Hope and Liam are down on the beach. He says they will spend the morning there - it seems like a perfect place to say thank you for being there. He adds that she made a horrible situation bearable today. Hope asks who he imagined he would get as a father. Liam jokes, "I guess a sitcom father." They laugh. Liam turns serious and says it's okay in the end, because he found her. They lay down on the sand and Hope refers to their friendship. Liam asks if it could be more. Hope says he knows her situation. Liam nods. He tells her he's nuts about her - she makes his whole world make sense.

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