At Jackie and Owen's place, they, along with Bridget, Stephanie, Brooke, Donna, Eric, and Rick, admire baby Logan. Eric holds the baby, and then Jackie takes him over to Stephanie. They whisper about the name, Logan, causing Brooke to narrow her eyes. Donna holds the baby next as everyone discusses Owen doing the delivery at the cabin. Bridget crows about loving the name Logan, and Brooke smiles at Stephanie pointedly. Rick and Jackie get to talking, he admires her taste and style. She compliments his looks and wonders why he's not spoken for. Eric takes Owen aside and asks about the situation. Owen says he's committed to his child. Eric asks if he's also committed to his marriage to Jackie. Eric moves on to Donna. She tells him it will take a while for her to get over them. He lets her know he'll never regret their marriage. Bridget and Brooke smile about her finally becoming a mother. Brooke and Stephanie both offer Bridget and the baby a place to live. Jackie jumps into the fray, and Bridget assures her she will stay on. Everyone files out when the baby goes for a nap, leaving Jackie with Stephanie, who warns her about losing Owen to Bridget. Jackie tells her everything is going to be fine. In the next room, Brooke asks Bridget about Jackie, and Rick wants to know how she feels about Owen! Bridget beams and tells them how considerate and kind Owen was in the cabin - she admits they kissed. Brooke is concerned. Bridget says she thinks she might be falling in love with Owen.

Bill and Katie are at home when there is a knock on the door - it's Hope and Liam. Katie informs Bill that she asked his son to come over - she thought they'd like to spend some time together! Bill's not interested, and Liam is put out that she was the one behind the invitation. Katie insists they make the best of it, and tells Bill to let the office know he'll be late! Bill and Liam start snarking at each other, and Katie intervenes, telling them to suck it up. Hope puts in her two cents. Bill announces that he would have raised Liam differently - he's obviously not the hardest nail in the drawer. He goes on to say that he has no feelings for Liam. Katie muses apologetically that it takes Bill time to warm up to people. Liam hisses that Bill is cold, and he was wrong to think they could cultivate a friendship. Liam goes outside, and Hope confronts Bill. Katie tells her that Bill also grew up without his father. Hope is puzzled - wouldn't that make him want to be there for his son? Bill argues, but Hope can't understand why he would ever turn his back on his own child. She defends Liam's character vehemently. Liam listens through the window and smiles.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam tries to let Hope know that he has feelings for her beyond friendship.

Owen is being pulled in two directions - Bridget and Jackie.

Owen hears Bridget's unexpected confession to Rick and Brooke.

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