At Big Bear, Owen and Bridget kiss and then admire their new son. Bridget tells Owen she loves him for bringing this child into the world. She observes that the baby seems very healthy. Owen looks deep into her eyes and says, "Our son." He says he now understands the miracle of childbirth. Bridget is thrilled that the baby is strong. Owen goes to call Jackie.

At 'M', Stephanie continues to insist to Jackie that the little arrangement she's trying to work out with Bridget and Owen isn't for the best. Jackie protests, but Stephanie says that someone always ends up feeling left out when there is three. Jackie answers the phone and Owen tells her Bridget had a boy! Jackie is thrilled and tells Stephanie. She hangs up and starts heading out the door, ecstatic. Stephanie stops her and says they need time alone. Jackie insists that she had a baby too - and she's going to see him!

Stephanie catches up with Eric at Forrester. She tells him his daughter had her baby. Eric is thrilled and peppers her with questions about Bridget. Stephanie then breaks the news about Owen being the father. Eric asks if Jackie knows. Stephanie nods, saying Jackie thinks they'll be a wonderful little family, but she's not so sure!

Still at the cabin, Owen has cleaned up the baby and put him back in Bridget's arms. Bridget thinks about the daughter she lost, and says she'll watch over her son. They discuss a name. Bridget suggests 'Logan'. Owen loves it - 'Logan Knight'. Owen says it's both of their names joined together, just the way it should be! He tells Bridget he wants to be there for everything. Bridget thanks him for standing by her. Just then, Jackie comes rushing in. She kneels by the baby and pronounces him to be spectacular. Owen tells her he delivered the boy. Jackie is beyond impressed. As Jackie fawns over the baby, Bridget seems put off by her presence. Jackie holds him and thinks he should be called 'Alistair', but Bridget and Owen tell her they've already named him. Bridget answers the phone to Eric wishing her well. Bridget then talks to Stephanie, who tells her she can't expect to raise this child with Jackie - it's her child. Bridget watches Jackie and thanks Stephanie for calling. Bridget asks for the baby back, but Jackie wants one more minute. Things turn strange when Jackie whispers, "My baby. My beautiful baby."

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