At the Big Bear Cabin, Bridget tells a scared Owen she is going into labor. Owen wants to get her to a hospital, but Bridget insists the baby is coming now! Bridget orders Owen to get some towels and help her deliver the baby. As Bridget writhes in pain, she tells Owen he'll instinctively know what to do. Owen tells Bridget to push and helps her to deliver a baby boy! Bridget asks why the baby is so quiet. Bridget cries in relief when the baby starts to cry. Owen places their miracle into Bridget's arms. Bridget tells Owen he is amazing. Bridget wonders if he realized on the night they made the biggest mistake of their lives that they would create something so perfect. Bridget thanks him for giving her something she has wanted for so long. Bridget tells Owen she loves him and while holding their baby, they kiss!

At Jackie M, Stephanie is baffled when Jackie refers to herself, Owen and Bridget as a family. Stephanie doesn't want to see Jackie get hurt. Jackie thinks Stephanie is a great friend, but her concern is misplaced. Jackie is confident in Owen's love, but Stephanie wonders about his feelings for Bridget. Jackie is happy Bridget is giving them a baby. Stephanie reminds her that she is not going to raise the child and notes the situation is weird. Jackie asserts it is just unconventional and reminds Stephanie lived with Eric while he was still with Donna. Stephanie knows Jackie loves Owen, but eventually will lose something. Stephanie solemnly says, "I have a bad feeling about this." Jackie thanks Stephanie for her concern and thinks it is amazing how far they have come. Jackie knows the power of love can get them through anything.

Brooke descends down the stairs of her home to find a candlelit dinner that Ridge has prepared. "Tonight is about us," he says. Brooke is moved, but tearful when thinking of Hope and Forrester. Ridge assures her that years from now, no one will remember the scandal. Ridge promises not to rest until her beautiful smile lights up her eyes again. Brooke wishes the scandal with Oliver never happened. She laments that Hope will never be able to forgive her. They are interrupted when the doorbell rings. Ridge remarks, "Looks like my surprise is here." Brooke is thrilled to see Hope is there to join them for dinner. Hope tells Brooke she is the craziest person she knows who always gets herself into trouble, but believes she didn't intentionally hurt her. Ridge leaves the two women alone to talk. Hope wants Brooke to stop beating herself up, but admits she wouldn't be the person she is if it was not for Brooke. Hope thinks if Ridge can forgive her, she can to. Ridge returns and Brooke thanks him for being the reason the evening happened. Hope asks if she can return home and a jubilant Brooke pulls Hope in for a hug.

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