Ridge and Hope chat at Forrester. He tells her Brooke has taken a leave of absence from the company. Hope doesn't like the idea, but Ridge assures her she'll come back after the media frenzy is over. They discuss Steffy's role in it, and Hope realizes that Ridge made the decision. Ridge tells Hope that the worst thing for Brooke has not been having her in her life. They'd like to have her back home. Ridge reminds Hope is was a case of mistaken identity, and urges her to give Brooke another chance.

At Brooke's place, Donna and Katie grill Brooke about leaving Forrester. Brooke tells them that it was Ridge's decision and she respected it. Katie dishes to her sisters about Bill having a son he never knew about, saying, "You'll never guess who he is..." After they leave, Ridge comes in. Brooke tells him she texted Hope. Ridge says he spoke to Hope and she was concerned about Brooke leaving Forrester. Brooke misses her so much.

Jackie and Owen kiss at work. Jackie tells him that Bridget went up to Big Bear with Stephanie. Amber comes in with some new designs. Nick follows, saying that Bridget needs to sign off on them. Owen offers to take them up to her and rushes out.

At Big Bear, Stephanie presses Bridget about what went wrong in her marriage to Nick. Bridget tells Stephanie that Nick isn't the father of her baby - Owen is. Stephanie gasps, "Jackie's Owen?" Bridget tells Stephanie to say it - she's just like her mother! Stephanie reassures her, musing that keeping this secret must be so difficult. Bridget tells her everyone knows! This raises Stephanie's eyebrows! Bridget tells her Jackie and Owen love each other and they've been great to her. Owen arrives and Stephanie decides to leave. Owen shows Bridget the designs. They chat about Amber, and then Stephanie. Owen phones in the approval and stays. Bridget tells him she was born there, and wanted to come for peace. Suddenly, she is hit with a pain, and then another - she's going into labor!

Stephanie pops up in Jackie's office. She tells her that she left her husband up in Big Bear with the mother of his child! Jackie realizes she disapproves. Stephanie says, "I'm dumbfounded." Jackie defends her position.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke gets a heartfelt surprise thanks to Ridge.

Stephanie discusses Bridget with Jackie.

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