Bill, Liam, Katie and Hope are having drinks in Bill’s office. Hope wants to propose a toast. Liam is not impressed. Bill toasts Liam and says now that he’s found his father, he’ll have to live with the consequences. Bill says he's not sure he’s ready to become a father. Liam wants to hear more about his mom. He tells Liam about her beauty and her success and explains that he didn’t know about his birth. They lived in different cities. He wanted to get back together but that she didn't return his calls. He says his mother made all the choices. Liam tells Bill about his stepfather. Bill asks the women to excuse them. He wants time alone with Liam. He offers Liam money but Liam is insulted and angry. He explains that when his mom was dying, she handed him a file and told him to go to Forrester. He tells Bill that in her last moments she was smiling and said, "Handsome is as handsome does”. He asks Bill what that meant. Bill says it was just a nice thing to say and that she loved him. Bill’s astounded that Liam never wanted to know who his dad was. Liam screams at Bill that he’s glad his mom didn’t want him to know. Bill tells him to get back to his job and not to expect any preferential treatment. Bill gets nasty and Liam punches him in the face. Bill commends him on the punch and says perhaps he could be a Spencer after all.

Stephanie is with Ridge in his office as Thorne comes in. She asks him who the father is. Thorne says it’s not him, it’s Bill Spencer. She says she can’t think of a harsher punishment that being Bill's son. Stephanie doesn’t remember meeting Liam’s mom when she worked there. Thorne reminisces fondly about her. Stephanie asks Thorne if he was in love with her. Thorne says his time for raising a family is over but he is disappointed he wasn’t the father.

In her office Steffy tells Oliver that Thomas hates her. She wonders if she should let Forrester go under and keep what she cares about most. She looks at Oliver. He lifts his bag and she wants to know what’s inside. He worries that he’ll be fired so he’s taking his stuff. She asks him how he’s doing with Hope. He says okay.

Outside Bill’s office Katie wonders if leaving the guys alone in the office was a good idea. Hope wonders how it would feel to have your father suddenly reappear. Hope tells Katie that she really has the smarts.

Next on The Bold & Beautiful:

Brooke gathers with her sisters as her leave of absence kicks in.

Ridge wants Hope to come back to live with him and Brooke.

Amber tries to get Aggie's goat.

Bridget confides in Stephanie.

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