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B&B Breakdown
Week of June 21 – 25:

Other than the fact that I’m over Brooke and Oliver’s endless run-ins and awkward conversations, it was a good week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Let’s see how it shakes out:

Cabin Chaos!
I loved the aftermath of the shooting at the cabin. Stephanie’s comebacks are legendary! How about when she called the Sheriff and told him she had an intruder and had to ‘wing’ him – hilarious! Stephanie’s abrupt acceptance of Brooke was a strange bit of writing, but her turnabout is the set-up for the Brooke/Oliver tryst coming out. I admittedly get tired of Stephanie’s ‘Brooke is a screw-up’ mantra – it would be nice to have a different twist, but on the other hand, it’s a classic rivalry that usually entertains. I look forward to seeing more of Pam and Stephen, as I found it intriguing that he admitted to having some genuine feelings for her.

One Big Kumbaya Family!
Best line of the week! Thank you Nick for acknowledging how bizarre it is that Jackie accepts Owen’s infidelity with her son’s wife, and that she is cool with Bridget having his baby! Moreover, I think Nick is on to something when he warns that Owen won’t stay with her after the baby is born – someone as eager as Owen is to be a father is going to be all over that baby, and therefore spending loads of time with Bridget! Uh oh!