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B&B Breakdown
Week of June 14 – 18:

Well, the good news is that The Bold and the Beautiful provided what my other Daytime drama did not this week – laughs! I’m honestly not sure whether the writers are intending us to take this stuff seriously, but in my mind, B&B has become quite camp, and you have to take it for what it is to enjoy it. Here are my thoughts:

Man on a Mission.
I’m talking about Stephen of course. This character is just so over-the-top with his soapbox speeches about Stephanie, and his declarations to Pam, that you have to laugh! How about his mad mind mutterings to Beth, such as, “Please forgive me,” and as he goes two rounds in bed with Pam, “Beth, I’m doing this for you and our girls!” Hilarious! What really struck my funnybone this week, however, was Pam’s new-found zeal for sex, which she pronounced to be her new hobby!

Cabin Fever!
The clashes between Pam and Stephanie have showcased some great acting, as have the Stephanie/Stephen scenes. Susan Flannery (Stephanie) is absolutely ferocious! The twist at the end of Friday’s episode, with Stephanie doing the shooting, and standing over Stephen with that diabolical grin was inspired!

Beautiful Baby Betrayed!
That would be the aforementioned Brooke’s beautiful baby, aka, Hope. Although Katherine Kelly Lang’s (Brooke) acting really tugs at your heartstrings, the storyline is so absurd, that it’s hard to get on board fully with the anguish. Oliver repeatedly calling her ‘Mrs. Forrester’ cracks me up. I keep waiting for her to tell him to call her Brooke – after all, they’re pretty darn familiar! That said, Zach Conroy (Oliver) is doing a great job of conveying his character’s shock.