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B&B Breakdown
Week of May 24 – 28:

I’m of two minds about The Bold and the Beautiful this week. While the melodrama really irked me at times, I appreciated that things were happening and storylines moving forward. I also liked the break from the Hope/Steffy/Oliver show. Here’s what jumped out at me this week:

Soap Box Stephen.
I find that I can do nothing but regard the TV in amazement when Stephen delivers his over-the-top soapbox speeches about Stephanie and fighting the good fight, blah, blah… If we were to drink each time he used the phrase ‘protect my girls’, it might be more tolerable. Seriously, I like the character, and love the actor, but why can’t they write him more realistically, instead of having him go from living room to living room delivering these hand-over-heart proclamations – no one talks like that! The good news is that I’m really intrigued about the developments between Stephen and Pam – it’s a twist I really like!

Pam’s Date Goes Bust.
Pam is an intriguing character, because as much as she may have done reprehensible things, viewers can’t help but feel bad about her life circumstances, and giggle at her antics. I’m rooting for her to get her own man and stop living in Stephanie’s shadow. As for her ill-fated date with Jerrod, it was funny, if a little sad.