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B&B Breakdown
Week of May 10 – 14:

Hey everyone! I’m thrilled to be back on The Bold and the Beautiful beat! I have only watched the show sporadically for the past year, so I’m just getting my ‘legs’ back, so to speak. Funny how a lot has changed, yet at the same time, it feels like nothing has; Donna and Stephanie both want Eric, Brooke and Taylor are on opposing sides of an issue, there is still a battle for Forrester going on in someone’s mind, etc. Anyway, here are my notes:

Baby Drama!
Well, my re-introduction to B&B began with Bridget’s baby drama. Of course, I realized from the word ‘go’ that this is a secret that can never be kept – too many people can smell the stress in the air! Those who have a stake in the outcome of this mess are sure to get involved. My take is that Bridget should have gone with her first instinct and told the truth – before it’s told for her! Read’s chat with Ashley Jones!

Whip It!
I remember Whip from when he was married to Brooke. Won’t the writers give Taylor someone to marry besides men who have been wed to her nemesis? L.A. is a big place! Anyway, from what I’ve seen of him this week, he seems very reasonable. He gave amusing, but good advice to Oliver, and also to Taylor about her daughter, but I had to wonder if he was trying to get himself kicked out of bed when he asked Taylor if she thought psychiatrists have trouble seeing a problem in their own family! Yeeouch!

Non-stick Pam.
I can’t believe Pam is still around after all the things she’s done – and still pulling dirty tricks on people! Pam is a hoot, there’s no question, and she’s a great sidekick to Steffy! Are any of you weary of her shenanigans after all this time? Let me know what you think using the comment section!

Stephen’s Speech!
Wow, I didn’t know what to make of Stephen’s impassioned speech about getting Stephanie and protecting his girls. The man missed his calling in politics, that’s for sure! Of course, we all know that for all his honorable intentions this speech can only mean one thing – he is soon going to make the situation far worse than it already is!