Credit: Ashley Jones (CBS)

Bridget has been going through quite a bit of turmoil on The Bold and the Beautiful lately, as she cheated on her husband Nick (Jack Wagner) with Owen (Brandon Beemer) and found out she’s pregnant. had the opportunity to talk with Bridget’s portrayer Ashley Jones about what exactly is going on with her alter ego. Do you feel it was out of character for Bridget to cheat on her husband, or do you understand where she was coming from?

Ashley Jones: When Bridget slept with Owen, she was broken, lost and fragile. This is no excuse, mind you, but she wasn’t trying to hurt Nick. And keeping this a secret from Nick is painful and wrong. Bridget knows this. She’s trying to right a wrong due to Jackie’s (Lesley Anne Down) insistence, but we all know how that type of thinking ends up. I tip my hat to the writers with this story. It’s great soap. Bridget is usually the one to be betrayed. What is it like for Bridget to be straying instead of Nick this time around?

Ashley Jones: Yes! The other side of the coin. Isn’t it horribly juicy?!  We all find out Bridget’s human and flawed and she is her mother’s daughter to an extent. As an actor, it makes her more challenging and interesting to play. But, I also must say, she is good hearted. Bridget’s morals haven’t changed. And that is why it’s so difficult for her. She is going against her natural grain.