Credit: Ashley Jones (CBS)

B&B‘s Ashley Jones (Bridget) is not only an actress, but also an inventor, as she and a friend created a line of beauty enhancing pillow cases called Beauty Silkz. recently had the opportunity to find out more about this new endeavor from Ashley herself. Beauty Silkz is made with silk charmeuse. How did you discover the benefits of the fabric?

Ashley Jones: Yes, Beauty Silkz is made with 100% silk charmeuse. My girlfriend and business partner, Karen Barber, and I had heard sleeping on silk was generally good for you. We did our own research and found out it wasn’t an old wives’ tale. Silk Charmeuse actually contains 18 essential amino acids and helps hydrate your skin and hair. How quickly did you notice the difference after sleeping on silk charmeuse and what was the greatest result you achieved?

Ashley Jones: I noticed an immediate result after sleeping on Beauty Silkz.  The first thing I noticed was a better night’s sleep. Then, after looking in the mirror, I realized I didn’t have one sleep crease on my face. My hair also didn’t get frizzy and dry. Over time, the benefits increase. We guarantee the product; that’s how passionate we are about the results.