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B&B Breakdown for May 3 – 7:

There was no shortage of drama this week as Donna left Eric and Jackie discovered Bridget’s secret.

In Charge:

Jackie’s controlled rage regarding Bridget sleeping with her husband has been quite enjoyable to watch, as has her making demands on Bridget while playing on her guilt. The soapiness of Jackie forcing Bridget to lie about who the real father is is good fun, as is good girl Bridget being the one to be bad. This is also the most I’ve liked Owen and I’m actually glad it’s his baby since he wants one so badly. My only issue is that Jackie is only furious with Bridget and not her husband for their one night stand. Her comment that Bridget must have done something to make Owen love her just a little bit was a little infuriating to me. Let’s not forget, it takes two people to sleep together. Owen could have said no and just comforted Bridget, after Agnes lost the baby, like most normal people would have done instead of jumping into bed with her, or on the floor as was the case. I understand Jackie is much older than Owen and is probably insecure about her hot stud of a husband leaving her for someone his own age, but she shouldn’t only punish Bridget for the betrayal, or assume it was all her doing.

Taking a Stand:

Donna continued to make me feel her pain this week as she left Eric because he couldn’t put her first. I do not blame her and applaud her standing up for herself, even if it is due mostly to Bill’s overzealous support, which is becoming a bit much. I love Bill, but he needs to take it down a notch. I really wish they would utilize Katie more as well, especially since she doesn’t agree with what her husband is doing. That could add a whole other layer to the story as we could see what Bill’s drive and need for revenge does to their marriage.