Nice to see you again. (

B&B Breakdown for March 22 – 26:

Last week provided us with more of the Steffy/Oliver/Hope triangle, more Nick/Bridget/Owen/Agnes drama, Eric and Stephanie making out, and the return of Bill and Katie, but the best part of the week for me was Whip and Taylor.

Renewed Interest.
I have always loved Whip’s portrayer Rick Hearst and was happy to hear he’d be coming to B&B after his air time on General Hospital as Ric Lansing dwindled. However, I don’t feel B&B has truly used him to his potential, or enough, which let’s face it, unless your Ridge, Brooke or Stephanie, is bound to be the case for most of the cast, especially new cast coming in. So when they hooked Whip up with Taylor I was just happy to see him have something to do, but now I’m kind of hooked on the couple.

Love = Marriage.
Whip and Taylor are both so at ease with and seem to truly appreciate each other. Taylor is so much more fun and interesting when she’s not pining for Ridge and Whip is endearing and charming when his affections are returned. Now that they are getting married though (which is way too soon), I do fear, as is typical of B&B, that they will be put on the backburner, should their nuptials actually take place. However, it is my hope that we get to see more storyline for these two, especially since they are working at rival fashion houses.

Finally Stable.
Not only am I happy that Whip and Taylor are finding love, but the scene of them having dinner with Ridge and Brooke seemed to cement the fact that the latter couple is pretty solid right now. When Brooke saw that Ridge and Taylor were bonding over their past, she wasn’t worried for her relationship, just for Whip. It could all change next week, but it was a nice change of pace for Brooke not to feel threatened in her marriage to Ridge.