Right where she wants her. (Soaps.com)

B&B Breakdown for March 15 – 17.

It was a short week, as March Madness descends upon us and college basketball replaces B&B on Thursday and Friday. But as always, there’s still stuff to talk about.

The week started out with Hope reeling from witnessing Steffy and Oliver kissing. I thought for a high schooler, she handled it pretty well. She wasn’t melodramatic or immature, she simply threw out a few accusations at Steffy, which were spot on, and then walked out. Of course, Oliver followed her and they made up, but I’m not buying his claim that nothing was going on with Steffy. Clearly this is a triangle in the works and his kissing Steffy demonstrated there’s something between them. Behind all her scheming, I’m assuming Steffy will eventually develop real feelings for him as well.

I’m not entirely sure how old Oliver is supposed to be, but clearly he’s older than Hope, so I’m with Steffy and wonder why Oliver wants to go to a high school dance with her. Regardless, I think I like him with Steffy better. Hope is sweet and all, but I think Steffy is far more challenging for him and they have more spark than he does with Hope. I also like that Oliver is on to Steffy and knows she has an agenda where he is concerned, but still seems intrigued by her. However, I would like her to stop prancing around in her bikini. I mean, who goes to someone’s house, unannounced, dressed in one, at night?