Hard to miss guilt. (Soaps.com)

B&B Breakdown for March 8 – 12.

This week was all about Owen and Bridget’s guilt over sleeping together and Steffy figuring out how to use their tryst to her advantage.

Steffy getting clued in to the affair has me more interested in her than I have been in a long time. I’m still not loving how single minded she is about getting rid of the Logans and think she should be just as angry at her father for ping ponging back and forth between Brooke and Taylor, but I actually kind of liked her this week. If she could remain tough and not constantly cry about her daddy issues I could really get behind her scheming. Plus, her plan is tying into the Nick/Bridget/Owen/Jackie storyline and Hope and Oliver’s storyline, while remaining in Ridge and Brooke’s storyline. It’s nice when plots and characters intersect and aren’t completely isolated, which B&B tends to do a lot. Hopefully Steffy’s machinations will lead to more interaction between more characters, which would be worth it.

I’m also really glad Steffy seems to be over her Bill fixation, but where the heck is he? Bill and Katie really should be onscreen doing something. Especially considering Bill is hiding the secret of almost sleeping with Steffy, which she blackmailed him with to get the company back. Shouldn’t he be plotting his revenge while trying to keep his interlude with Steffy from his wife?

While I am more onboard with Steffy, I do wish she could do more than just blackmail people. I know it’s a soap staple, but it would be fun to watch a strong woman use her business smarts to get what she wanted instead of just holding things over other people’s heads.