One door closes and another one opens! (

SOAPnet’s I Wanna Be a Soap Star winner Dean Cochran has land his first recurring role and it’s with Bold and the Beautiful ! Starting Friday, April 27, we’ll see his handsome face portraying Detective Troy Scott. He will be part of Lt. Baker’s (played by Dan Martin) team that is investigating the disappearance of Shane McGrath (Dax Griffin).

On his personal MySpace page, Dean writes that the role “…involves many front-burner characters.” He says that as long as the investigation goes on, Detective Troy Scott will have a job! He likely was crossing his fingers while typing, “Who knows? Maybe Lt. Baker will need his right-hand man the next time something comes up that requires brilliant investigative skills. We’ll have to see. But for now, it’s been great to spend a couple of weeks on set with a great cast and crew.”