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B&B Breakdown for March 1 – 5.

I was all set to completely hate Owen and Bridget hooking up, but I’ve found that I like the concept, but hate the way they’ve gone about it.

There will be tons of good drama to come out of this, not to mention, Jackie and Owen are finally getting a storyline again. I also like that Bridget is now the one to fall off the morality wagon and will have a lot of explaining to do when Nick finds out. It also makes me happy that Agnes will probably be pleased to learn Bridget has been knocked off her pedestal after the way she so harshly treated her for keeping secrets.

However, here are my problems with it: For one, Owen is head over heels in love with Jackie. Why would he cheat with Bridget, who he rarely interacts with? Secondly, Bridget just lost another baby. She is devastated and I’m sure not really up to the task of having sex. I know people grieve in their own ways, but grief takes its toll emotionally and physically. Give it a couple days (or maybe weeks, giving them time to bond over losing their dream of parenthood, rendering it plausible) and then I’m sure Bridget would need to seek out some comfort. But the very day she lost her baby? I don’t think so. Lastly, even if they were just swept up in the moment, I think they might have regained their senses when Bridget paused their interlude after hearing a noise. Wouldn’t Owen at the very least think, “Oh my God! What am I doing? This isn’t Jackie, my wife, I’m having sex with,” and put a stop to it?

And now Oliver just so happens to have a video of Owen and Bridget doing the deed? He didn’t know what he was shooting, or why, but did it anyway. So contrived.