The power couple. (

The Daytime Emmy Award Pre-Nominations have been announced! Read the list below to find out who was pre-nominated from B&B and get a refresher on their storylines from last year.

Lead Actor

Don Diamont came to B&B in the middle of last year as Bill Spencer with one mission: to take control of Forrester Creations. The ruthless business man succeed and even allowed Katie Logan to chip away at his icy heart along the way, as they fell in love and got married.

John McCook as Eric Forrester was forced to deal with his son Rick sabotaging Forrester Creations and manipulating most of the family due to his anger at Ridge. Once that situation resolved itself, Eric was then dealt another blow when Bill Spencer came to town and took over Forrester Creations. In between all that, he kicked Stephanie out of Forrester and adopted Donna’s adult son Marcus to prove he considered them both family.

Lead Actress

As Stephanie Forrester, Susan Flannery tried to prevent Rick from manipulating everyone, was kicked out of Forrester Creations, grappled with being on her own and getting older, started over at Jackie M, suffered a few mini-strokes and faced the death of her mother, Ann.

As Brooke Logan, Katherine Kelly Lang was faced with a son who tried to sabotage her relationship with Ridge. Even though he succeeded, she reunited with Ridge (after interrupting his marriage to Taylor while on a horse) and married him. She also had to deal with Bill Spencer taking over Forrester Creations, as well as the fallout involving her sister and husband. She of course battled Stephanie and Taylor along the way, as well.

Supporting Actor

Brandon Beemer as Owen Knight started working for Jackie M and began an affair with Jackie Marone. The two fell in love and despite everyone’s concerns that he was using her, they married and he proved to be a good husband. Owen was often comedic fodder during the risqué photos shoots for the fashion house, as well as by playing his twin brother, but he also showed his serious side, especially when he broached the subject of having kids with Jackie.