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B&B Breakdown for February 22 – 26.

This week was mostly about Stephanie and Taylor deciding if they wanted to be part owners of Forrester Creations. Of course they both decided to come up with the money and accept their shares, but I’m really not happy with either one being involved with the company.

I know that Forrester is essentially Stephanie’s baby that she created with Eric, but I like her at Jackie M. I like the characters and storylines over there better and they totally embraced her when she was at her lowest point. Her relationship with Nick was sweet and I would have liked to have seen more of their surprising friendship. I fear with Stephanie returning to FC, it will just be more of the same old tired storylines. She’ll battle with Brooke, meddle in Ridge’s life, and, given the fact Eric told her he loved and needed her, might just get back together with her ex-husband. There were far more interesting possibilities over at Jackie M for her that could take her down new paths. Maybe I’m wrong, but I fear the past will just keep repeating itself.

As for Taylor, I’m not sure why she’d even want to be at FC on a daily basis. Does she really want to watch her nemesis with her ex-husband every day? She kept saying she wanted to secure her children’s futures, but with her lack of experience, does she really think she can do something for them Stephanie, Ridge and Eric can’t? Besides, Steffy and Thomas work there so I’m sure they make a good salary and have stocks or something invested in the company themselves. Not to mention, they don’t need their mommy coming to their rescue, especially since Steffy was the one to get the company back in the first place.

Basically, Taylor being part owner really just diminishes Steffy’s argument that Forresters should be running the company. I want to scream every time Steffy says that because Taylor is not a Forrester! If that’s what she wanted, why didn’t she make herself part owner? While not blood, Steffy is actually part of the Forrester family where Taylor is not. Or maybe Thorne and Felicia, who are actually Forresters, might have liked to have been included in the deal.