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B&B Breakdown for February 15 – 19.

I am so unhappy that Steffy succeeded in blackmailing Bill. He is a ruthless businessman. He would never let things get that far, and if he did, he would have a brilliant move of his own to counteract her with. Steffy is inexperienced and, until now, sweet and a bit naïve, how was she suddenly able to go head to head with Bill Spencer? He even told her that many a more experienced man has tried to take him down and failed, but Steffy, a former shipping and receiving employee, was the only one to pull it off? I don’t think so.

I was also seriously unhappy that Bill was actually going to sleep with Steffy, in his and Katie’s bed no less. I suppose that at least keeps in line with his character, as he is a former playboy who allowed Steffy to play to his ego, but it was completely disappointing to watch. I did however enjoy him getting tough with her again when they heard Katie come home and throw her out the side door. I like the gruff, hard-edged Bill, not the one that lets a little girl like Steffy steal a ring and dictate his life.

On a humorous note, I noticed for the first time that Bill has a framed headshot of himself in his office, set up directly behind his desk. Has it always been there? It’s totally hilarious and completely vain. Kind of like Bill I guess.

Why in Eric’s flashback of his time at FC did he only remember Taylor and Ridge together and not any of the contributions his ex-wife Brooke or current wife Donna, who actually work at the company, made? I suppose it could have been because he was reminiscing with Taylor’s daughter Steffy, but it seemed really weird to pull a memory of what looked like Ridge proposing to Taylor at a fashion show, when Ridge is currently married to Brooke.