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B&B Breakdown for the Week of February 8 – 12.

This week, the fallout of Sandy’s past continued, Whip and Taylor shared a romantic date, and Steffy upped her game to get Forrester back for Ridge.

Brooke overheard Agnes admit her love for Nick and went straight to Bridget. I loved seeing Brooke go into mama bear mode and also be honest with Bridget. Even more, I absolutely loved seeing Bridget show us that she has a backbone. Too many times, she’s just made things too easy for her rivals. She stood her ground and let her feelings be known rather than turning into a weepy mess. However, Bridget is in a really tough spot. While she needs to set new boundaries for Agnes, she also has to worry about the health of her unborn child. It’s a fine line she will have to walk the next few months. With this fine line, what will Agnes do? She had no problem admitting she was in love with Nick. What does she hope to gain from this admission? She tells Nick she loves him, but doesn’t want to interfere in his marriage? I completely sympathize that she went through a terrible ordeal, but I don’t understand how she’s acting right now. I also don’t know if I buy Nick’s claim that he hid Agnes’s secret from Bridget to protect her. Nick has shown on more than one occasion that he likes to play the “knight in shining armor” role. It will be interesting to see how the months leading up to the baby’s arrival play out.

The other major story this week was the tension between Katie, Bill and Steffy. Steffy decided the best way to get Forrester back for Ridge was to use Katie’s insecurities and come between Bill and Katie. When Katie found out that Steffy was up to her old tricks, she completely lost her cool. She lashed out against Bill and refused to listen to his side of the story. This is not good for her marriage! It also gave Steffy the confidence boost she needed to make her move. When Katie and Bill were fighting, I actually felt bad for Bill. He kept begging Katie to listen, but she just got angrier and angrier. I agree with Bill that walking out is no way to solve a problem. Katie is making it easy for Steffy! Steffy is proving she is not a force to be taken lightly. She basically pimped herself out to Bill to get what she wanted. I can’t tell if she just wants Forrester, Bill or both. It will be interesting to see if Katie catches them in yet another kiss and if Bill will take Steffy up on her offer.