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The puzzle pieces are right there. All The Bold and the Beautiful has to do is plop them into place, and we’d all be like, “Yes! That makes sense! That’s smart! Sane! Even compassionate!”

But the show isn’t going to plop the pieces into place. Instead, it’s going to scatter them around the table and let a few drop to the floor so that the puzzle can never be put together in satisfactory fashion. WTH are we talking about? Thomas’ reveal to Taylor that Hope badmouthed him, then did a complete 180.

Rather than have Taylor, a world-renowned shrink, think to herself, “Hey, that sounds like Hope is really in the throes of something” and talk to her son’s colleague, the soap had Thomas’ mom glom onto the possibility that his former crush had only dissed him to appease her mother, Brooke.

Taylor learns what Brooke and Hope did BB

Now, we’re set up for conflict between BFFs Taylor and Brooke, which is all well and good, we suppose — this is a drama, after all. But Bold & Beautiful once again blew past a golden opportunity to allow its characters to behave in intelligent fashion. This isn’t new, we suppose. But it is disappointing.

How fascinating would it be to have Taylor go deep with Hope to find out how she went from being disgusted by Thomas to being hot for his bod? For that matter, how intriguing would it be to have the shrink analyze Brooke and question why she doesn’t believe Thomas can change? If Taylor and Brooke can change — what with going from enemies to friends who have put Ridge on the no-fly list — why couldn’t Thomas?

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