B&B/GH's Ian Buchanan smiling
Credit: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for The LEAP Foundation

We’d be lying if we said hadn’t been keeping a close eye on Bold & Beautiful alum Ian Buchanan as he and Antonio Hendricks have been winding their way through Italy the last couple weeks. After all, the timing of it seemed awfully convenient since we knew The Bold and the Beautiful was filming in Rome. But it didn’t have to mean anything.

The two hit Amalfi, Capri, Naples and then, finally, Rome! Coincidence? Maybe. If you’re touring Italy and you don’t visit Rome, it seems kind of silly. But then, after a stream of posts and photos sharing his adventures in the Italian capital, Buchanan shared photo with none other than Katherine Kelly Lang herself. Just like that, James and Brooke were reunited!

Quick, hide the mud.

All Buchanan had to note with the post was the old adage, “When in Rome,” but that still leaves a few questions that at least one fan was quick to jump on!

Bre L. Drew teased, “Nod once if you’re making an appearance as James or is this a random run-in?”

After all, Sheila’s still kicking around, albeit in prison at the moment, and she and James have plenty of history. During their last dance in 2017, she used her former husband to try worming her way back into Eric’s life. She could certainly use some psychiatric help now to get her out of her current bind and if she can still hold James’ addiction over her head, she could finally find an (reluctant) ally!

Or, heck, Brooke could run into him over in Rome and ask him to come back to Los Angeles with her to have a chat with Hope and find out what’s going on in her head! Taylor isn’t really an option since running to her and asking her to have a session with Hope because falling for Thomas is icky would probably add another bump or two to their friendship.

But no matter what, it was still nice to see an impromptu Bold & Beautiful reunion in Rome!

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