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Over the years, The Bold and the Beautiful has demolished more couples than it has sent dresses down the runway. But the split toward which the show is currently hurtling… Well, this one’s gonna really smart.

In a one-two punch in the May 23 and 24 episodes, Thomas reveals the truth about Hope and Brooke to Taylor, then Mom turns around and confronts her bestie. Combine that with the never-ending threat that Ridge poses to the women’s hard-won closeness, and it isn’t hard to do the math and figure out that their truce is on its last legs.


It was fun while it lasted.

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It’s a crying shame, too, because this storyline allowed Brooke and Taylor to do something that the soap never has: evolve. Grow. Get smarter. It’s been inspirational — downright thrilling, even — to see these two intelligent, accomplished, beautiful women realize that they should be the center of their own lives, not Ridge or any man.

And not for nothing, but Katherine Kelly Lang and Krista Allen play off one another in a way that absolutely sparkles on screen. We 100-percent buy Brooke and Taylor as confidants and sounding boards, because their portrayers, in a word, click.

Honestly, we haven’t seen anything like it since the days when Brooke’s animosity toward Stephanie (and vice versa) softened to the point that they could cop to a certain grudging respect for one another. And if the show ditches Brooke and Taylor’s friendship, what then? More name-calling and paint fights? Wouldn’t that kinda silliness be better saved for whatever youngsters the soap brings in next?

And we could totally forget about this potential twist.

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