B&B Linsey Godfrey, Thorsten Kaye wedding photo of Caroline and Ridge
Credit: Sean Smith/JPI

It’s not often that a piece of soap opera history passes hands from those who could be called daytime royalty to those who are, for all intents and purposes, musical royalty. But that’s just what’s happened to a house near and dear to The Bold and the Beautiful fans.

Our sister site Dirt reports that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have just purchased California’s most-expensive house on the market for a smooth $200 million in Malibu. And while that is a jaw-droppingly impressive price tag, the clincher is who they bought it from.

B&B's Ridge & Caroline 2015 wedding at Bell house

The house was commissioned and built for Bold & Beautiful’s executive producer and headwriter Bradley Bell and wife (and former headwriter for Young & Restless) Maria Arena Bell.

It took 15 years to finish, according to Dirt, and wasn’t completed until 2014. And after all that time, it was getting used! So when Ridge married Caroline 2.0, the daughter of the original Caroline’s twin sister, Karen, in 2015, their wedding was filmed on the house grounds.

B&B's Ridge & Caroline 2015 wedding at Bell house

The wedding may have gone off without any (obvious) hitches, but it certainly turned a few heads. Marrying the niece of your late wife, Ridge? That was a definite move, even for him. Then there was everything going on behind the scenes of the wedding.

This was back in the days when Thomas was slightly less problematic than he’s been for years. (Though he does seem to have turned over a new leaf!) At the time of the wedding, Caroline was already pregnant with little Douglas, having slept with Thomas unwittingly after she overdosed on antianxiety pills just before her wedding to Ridge.

B&B's Ridge & Caroline 2015 wedding at Bell house

Thomas hadn’t been aware she was out of her mind at the time, but… yeah, back to the just slightly less problematic part. Still, the repercussions of all this are still being felt today, with Hope and Thomas co-parenting Douglas and forever linking them — much to Hopesecret delight/dread!

In any case, there was a lot going on during this wedding. Let’s hope Beyoncé and Jay-Z have a far less dramatic life when they move in!

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