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Over the years, The Bold and the Beautiful has painted Liam into quite a tight corner. He’s a Dudley Do-Right… who has a stunning tendency to get it all wrong. “He likes to think of himself as this steady, stable, normal guy,” portrayer Scott Clifton tells Soaps.com. “He doesn’t think of himself as a chaos machine, and yet time and again, that’s exactly what he is. He leaps without looking. He becomes his own worst enemy.

“Sometimes, I want to shake him,” he adds, “or have someone else on the canvas sit him down and say, ‘Dude, you get that you’re the problem, right?'”

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“Whad’ya mean, it’s not you, it’s me?”

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Chance of a Lifetime

That could change, however — and soon. On Wednesday, May 24, Liam gets a reality check from ex-wife Steffy about current wife Hope and her feelings for Thomas. Historically, Liam would fly right off the handle. He’d go ballistic on Thomas and take a bad situation with Hope and make it worse.

Liam doesn’t have to do that, though. He could shock Steffy, Hope, Thomas — even himself — by taking a deep breath and thinking, “OK, this is complicated. What to do, what to do. I love her. She loves me, but then there’s also… this.” If he is able to break his pattern of acting on impulse, he might be able to sign up for marriage counseling with Taylor before it’s too late.

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Remembering what happened last time Liam got upset.

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We’re Rootin’ for Ya, Buddy

Will Liam be able to remain cool, calm and collected enough not to throw gasoline on a fire? As much as we’d love to see the show allow him to evolve, to grow and become more emotionally mature, we… kinda doubt it. “After everything he’s done, it’s amazing to me that the audience still likes Liam,” Clifton says. “Don’t get me wrong — there are people out there who absolutely despise him. But thankfully, there are also a lot of viewers who for whatever reason continue to see him as a character they root for… maybe despite himself.”

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Sometimes it’s tough for even Clifton to pull for his alter ego. But “at the end of the day, my job is to make [the material] work. It’s really kind of an internalized part of my professional philosophy that it’s about service to the story,” he says. “And if that makes my character look like a jerk, then that’s the job. [It’s about] putting the ego aside and doing things that, you know, I personally, Scott, find, repugnant or humiliating or whatever it might be.”

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