Liam Hope B&B
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For weeks now, Bold & Beautiful‘s Liam’s been telling anyone who would listen — including those who didn’t necessarily want to — his concerns about Thomas. No matter how often Taylor and Steffy have said that Thomas is a changed man, Liam has responded with a scrunched up face and the words, “Yeah, but is he though?”

As far as Liam’s concerned, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. (Which is somewhat ironic, given that he spent years being something of a dog where both current wife Hope and former wife Steffy were concerned!) But it looks as if this week, he might finally be coming to the conclusion that all this time, he’s been barking up the wrong tree. Because even as Thomas has been on his best behavior, Hope has found herself inexplicably drawn to her lead designer!

Thomas Hope B&B

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Perhaps we shouldn’t say “inexplicably.” After all, Thomas is a good looking guy with whom Hope has a lot in common. Together, they’ve made the kind of magic that comes alive on the runway and has fashionistas lining up to say, “Here, take all my money… just sell me one of those gorgeous outfits!”

Yet even Hope can’t explain why, despite being happily married and seemingly content in every way, her mind keeps drifting toward steamy scenarios with Thomas. In this week’s preview, even as everyone from Wyatt to Bill warn Liam that he needs to keep an eye on Thomas, Hope’s husband seems finally to be wondering if everyone has been missing the forest because they’ve been focused on the trees.

“He’s not the one I should be worried about,” suggests Liam in the preview, which you can view in its entirety below.

But will Hope admit to her husband what’s going on? And if so, might Liam insist that no matter how successful the latest Hope For the Future line is, her partnership with Thomas must come to an end? It’s a messy situation that threatens to impact several relationships, especially once Liam finds out that Steffy has been suspicious for several weeks and yet kept him in the dark!

As we wait to see how Hope responds to Liam’s concerns, why not check out the gallery below exploring the long — and often twisted — journey Thomas has been on over the years!